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Bluecrest Health Screening, what do we do?

Here at Bluecrest Health Screening we are one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing health screening companies.  Our head office is based in Worthing Town Centre and we have a network of over 2000 mobile clinic locations across the UK and Ireland.  Since our inception in 2012 we have screened over 200,000 people.

There is a growing trend for health and wellbeing within the UK and people now understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  This includes eating well, exercising more, stopping smoking and taking a proactive approach to their health.

Our customers generally want to get a better picture of their overall health and through the many screening options we offer they can do this.  Sometimes serious diseases are difficult to detect before it’s too late because at the early stages symptoms may not manifest.  Patients often don’t see any changes in the state of their health and therefore do not go to their doctors for an examination or test.

Screening gives people the chance to spot problems before they become serious and act before more obvious symptoms develop.

With NHS and doctors’ waiting rooms under more pressure than ever we give our customers the option to use one of our local clinics.  We offer a variety of screening packages which are competitively priced delivering the highest quality and clinical standards.

We believe we give our customers the ability to take control of their health and wellbeing giving them greater insight into their current health status.  The health reports we provide put the results in a clear and proper context enabling our customers to go on make an informed choice about what to do next.  This might be to have further tests or treatment, or simply do nothing at all.  It is usually the case that the chances for recovery at the early diagnosis stage are greater than when symptoms start to appear, and treatment can be far less invasive than treating a chronic illness or a disease at advanced stages.

What tests do we offer?

Heart Disease & Stroke

Heart Disease Risk

Stroke Risk / PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease)

ECG – Heart Rhythm



Advanced ‘plac’ Test


Cancer Checks 



Early Lung Cancer


Vital Organs

Liver Function

Kidney Function

Body Composition

Full Blood Count

Lung Function


Specialist Checks


Coeliac Disease

Vitamin D

Arthritis Check

Omega 3 & 6 Ratio

Advanced Heart Risk

Having any combination of these screening are often called ‘health MOT’s’, ‘Health Checks’ or ‘preventative tests’.


As a major private clinical provider of health screenings in the UK, Bluecrest Health Screening is registered with the Care Quality Commission who monitor various aspects of what we do.  You can see their latest inspection report here: Bluecrest Health Screening.  Our pathology team are clinically accredited to ISO15189 and independently audited by CPA (Clinical Pathology Accreditation). We have also been accredited to ISO9001 Quality Management.


A few frequently asked questions about screenings:

How long does a screening take?

We usually advise our customers that a screening will take approximately 30 minutes.  Customers remain fully clothed through the screening and there are no invasive procedures other than removing shoes and socks.  We take a sample of blood and depending on the package taken out we perform a few other tests such as an ECG and lung function test.

Do you really cover the whole country?

We have built up a network of clinics across the country as well as the Republic of Ireland meaning our customers never have to travel too far to attend one of our mobile screening clinics.  We believe in offering an affordable service that is convenient for our customers.

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